Bigfoot Encounters

North Central Putnam County, Indiana 1990

Early Morning-1990 - Weather- nice fall day skies clear

Activity of witness - sitting drinking coffee and looking out back window on farm, enjoying the wooded forest hills.
Location-north central Putnam County, Indiana

Witness- Bev G. does not want to give full name

I was sitting in the kitchen at the breakfast table, enjoy my first cup of coffee and occasionally looking out at the wooded forest hills set around my 25 acres as I do every morning, as I enjoy the view and seclusion, I happened to look out along the tree line and saw some move from right to left, it was big and caught my immediate attention I stood up and hurried to the window and observed a huge wild man about 9 feet tall grey in color with long shaggy hair, it walked slowly along the fence line looking back at the house once in a while, it stopped and turned with its hand on the fence post, and looked right at me through the window, and just stared at me for a moment, then turned and walked fast in to the woods at the end of the property , where there was no fence, hair was about 4 to 5 inches long hanging from arms, massive build, about 9 to 10 feet tall, head was round, with deep brow ridge, arms was long, almost to its knees, could not see feet at times, was in the brush.

Investigator- Steve Abney
I called this woman after I heard she had a sighting on her property, she had been my sister in law 35 years ago, she is 67 years old now, she still has dogs going missing, screams at night and during the day on her property, I went to the property and she pointed out where this happened in the 1990's, I ask her if we could look around, and she refused for the time being, but will let us soon, she has tree formations I can see from the back of the property, such as tree bows and possible tree pyramids, can't tell until I can get in to the woods to see if Sasquatch related, but I feel the continuing missing dogs and the screams during the day and night, that this is a active area for a small pocket of forest people, the property is situated between two lakes and a close by national forest and other farms with small forest growth, I know this person as a honest women and she held this sighting in for many years because of ridicule, her family called her crazy until one of the sons had his sighting later, I will interview him when he is available , after talking to me, she feels like some body believes her now, and feels much better.

Date of report Tue Nov 9, 2010

Steve Abney

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