Bigfoot Encounters

The Giant Monster
by Kyle Thompson

All of the evil spirits of the Choctaws have followed them on their long journey from the western part of North America. The witches, demons, and the monsters came with the Choctaw people.

But the most horrible frightening of all these beasts is the hideous monster the Choctaws call the "Shampe."

A Shampe is a giant in the form ugliest Choctaw beast.

He lives in the deepest part of the woods. So far in the forest that no Choctaw has even been able to find the location of his huge, dark cave. The Shampe cannot stand the brightness of the sun or the open air.

The smell of blood will attract him and he will follow the person who has been hunting and carrying a wounded game. Shampes do not have very good vision but have a keen sense of smell. They can track any person or animal.

The Shampes make a whistling noise as he stalks through the forest. His scent is so terrible, that many people have died from his odour. While he looks like a gigantic form of Choctaw, she smells like a skunk. Some of them are really hairy like an ape while others are hairless. The Choctaws won’t live in an area where a Shampe will live or has been spotted. The Choctaws will often be caught or chased by a Shampe. If someone were to drop a small game such as a rabbit or a squirrel, the Shampe stops to eat it and may be drawn off your trail by the blood of the small animal.

Shampes have followed the Choctaw people along their journey from the western United States. They say that all Shampe have returned to the west now. But today, some Choctaws still hear whistling sounds in the woods and catch a strong odour. The Choctaws still drop small animals when they think a Shampe is near. You may never know that all Shampes have returned to the west.

Copyright Kyle Thompson

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