Bigfoot Encounters

The Skanicum  
Lake Band Tribe

Nancy, a 90-year-old Indian woman, reports that some years ago loads of Indians were taken to Yakima to pick hops.

A woman living in her tepee at the rodeo grounds at the Indian Agency stayed home to tend her garden. She was captured from her tepee by Skanicum.

The Skanicum was known to often steal dried salmon from the Indians in this area. Skanicum is known to live only in caves. He places willows over the door.

Vince, a 30-year-old member of the Lake Band and a friend of this author, reports that as a small boy his grandfather, who was a Blue Jay, took him far up on Moses Mountain to see Skanicum. He was told to be very quiet and he would see them.

He did see Skanicum close up and reports "he was huge." He knows of a cave going deep into the mountain that is reported to be a home of Skanicum. He has been inside the opening which he states is squared and smooth, appears to have been worked on with tools, and was covered with tree branches.

Inside is a strong Skanicum stench. He was afraid to go further into the cave.

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