Bigfoot Encounters

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Collier County, 1983

Volusia County, 1976

St John's County 1980's

St. John's County 2003

Orange County 1993

Polk County 2000

Polk County 2004 The Jennifer Ward newspaper clipping...

Hendry County 1983

Lake County 1980

Dade County Police Report 1975

Remembering Ramona Clark Hibner, Florida researcher...

Reader's Digest, August 2004 pg154 under “Weird, Wild and Wonderful” The skunk Ape – Florida's version of Bigfoot, reportedly seen around Bardin and a driver claimed to have hit one. This prompted a Florida Legislator to make “harassing” or “molesting” a skunk ape illegal.” (Even though no tracks have been cast in the last twenty or more years with details consistent with those tracks examined by primate print experts) -- No other details were in the blurb. B. Short

Reports in Brief:
1977 - Gibsonton, Florida - Large 17 -inch footprints are discovered.
Credit Dennis Gates clipping service.

Additional Reports from the 1970's
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