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To follow are brief reports from the 1970's in Florida, specifically accounts taken from the collection of John Green's contribution to the BC Archives.
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From the Yeti Newsletter (no date)
Weedon's Island, near Sarasota Florida
"Boys reported to have heard something in the morning; returned after breakfast and found 3-toed tracks 21 inches long and a sulphur smell. There were later references to sighting reports at Weedon's Island. (3-toe tracks anywhere in Florida are suspect & probably gator tracks...)
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Also from the Yeti Newsletter dated 1972 - 73
Pinellas Park, Florida
Duane H: Cow killed by creature with footprints like a Sasquatch in swampy area north of Pinellas Park. The thing also hit and bent in the side of a truck. Duane, who lived nearby in St. Petersburg at the time, says cows were killed both years on Brian Derry Road. He investigated, the area had plenty cover.
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White Horse Key, Ten Thousand Islands, Florida
Victor Robinson and friend went mullet fishing at midnight low tide. On way back found fresh prints like barefoot human print coming out of water, in semi-circle and back in. Larger than size 11 boot. Stride greater than their reach -spread eagle or doing the splits. Deepest in heel, toes dug in. Estimated length at 18 inches and stride at 4 ½ to 5 feet. Location is 20 miles northwest of Everglades City just north of Everglades National Park Gulf coast. (Strasenburg)
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St. Petersburg Times-Floridian March 26, 1972 -Coya Pelau
Fisherman at Bull Key have seen whole families of yetis wading from one island to another in Coya Pelau area.
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The National Tattler, February 24, 1974
Gorgon R. Prescott, Yeti Research Society in St. Petersburg Florida mentioned Mrs. George Kelly and daughter as two people who saw a hairy monster on a farm; saying there may be several families of yeti in area and said there are claims of more than 50 sightings in Hernando County, Brooksville Florida. (John Fuhrmann)
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Phone-in calls to talk show on WFUN in Florida January 1975
One seen in North Georgia. It allegedly walked up to trucker changing a tire in 1975 six miles west of highways 41 & 27. State Trooper found footprints.

Ten years ago (1965) around Tarrytown, man saw 8-footer that appeared "mangled." In another report, a woman hit one on the Florida Turnpike three months ago, or thought she had. Got out and they stared at one another, then she got scared and left. Also a Mr. L. Frank Hudson says commercial fishermen have seen them wading from island to island or swimming in the open Gulf of Mexico.

In April of 1975 another phone-in to same radio station reported stories in the Miami Herald of a hairy thing seen eating wild guavas in Hialeah (Miami Lakes) Red Road Florida in the winter of 1962. (G. Strasenburgh)
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That same Mr. L. Frank Hudson mentioned an article in the St. Petersburg Times Floridian, March 26, 1972 - Skunk ape supposed to have leaped on the running board for a half mile, looking in the window. He was very heavy, nearly turned the car over, then jumped off and ran into the woods. About 8 ft. tall. This happened in 1942 south of Branford, Florida. (JG)
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In 1963 several people on a ranch outside Holopaw saw apelike creature running across a field. Prominent cattleman and citrus grower claimed he was in a group that had been within a few feet of it and it was definitely an ape of some kind. (Keel)

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