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Orange County, Florida
Nearest to Orlando
November 1993 -4:00 am by the Econ River, Lake Underhill Road.

Back then I had a paper route that I drove every night. It was a large route that covered a large part of the county some parts that were scarcely populated. One particular night as I was delivering my papers, and I remember this very well. It was trash night and the sides of the road were covered with people's weekly garbage. As I came down the highway heading east I saw something to my right (the south side of the highway) Going through some trash cans. I don't drive that fast because I have to throw the papers from my pickup truck window.

I saw this thing going through the garbage and it hears me coming so it stops what it was doing, turns around and starts to run across the road in front of me heading towards the woods on the other side, but it's not really running it's like taking these giant strides or something.

I noticed that its wrists or whatever hang lower than humans do, like well below it's knees. It almost looked like its arms were to longer. I hit my high beams and it stops for just a few seconds then continues across the road and disappears into the brush.

I pulled over to give chase and then chickened out and left but not before I made a mental note in my head of the location so I could come back the next day to look for footprints, which I never found because of the rain the night before. But like I said earlier other cars were also pulled over on the opposite side of the road.

It was a cold rainy, foggy night. Typical terrain. South side of the road had a small subdivision with a few houses maybe a dozen or so. The north side was your typical
Florida wilderness. Very dense woods, Pine trees, Palmettos etc., not very populated.
The highway ran east and west and I was traveling east.

I got a fairly good look at the creature as it crossed the road in front of me. When I hit my high beams it stopped like a deer frozen in headlights. It threw its left arm up in front of its face as to shield its eyes from the bright lights. That is when I noticed the breasts. It must of been a female. It was covered with long reddish/brown fur that looked matted, like a wet dog is the only way I can describe it. I can only guess the height but it didn't seem that tall, Maybe 5-6 ft tall. The thing that I remember most is that when it stopped in the middle of the road and turned towards me was, and this is strange - it didn't just turn it's head it turned its whole body as if it wasn't capable of just turning its head - and that's when I saw the breasts and this is weird the fur on the front was either a lighter color or not as dense as else where; I noticed not only the breasts but the arm that was up shielding its eyes had no hair on its palm, You could see the skin or what ever. I guessed that it was either a female or a young girl because of its height and breasts.

I wasn't the only one to see it. Other cars were pulling over and stopping to look at it. Out of fear of ridicule, I only told relatives.

Alan Mercier
Friday, January 10, 2003 2:44 PM

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