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St. Johns County, Florida
Nearest_city: St. Augustine - November 2003 - 5:00 pm
Near a pond, swamp area near Old Moultrie Road

While walking down dirt path with my dog, I first smelled what I believed to be something dead. A ways down the path I heard branches breaking like someone walking in the woods beside me. my dog became nervous and refused to follow any further, then I proceeded ahead and saw a tall figure covered in dark hair.

This was on a dirt path that leads to pond and train tracks. Both sides of path are swampy area. The creature was 7 to 8 feet tall, black or dark in color, hairy, walking upright on two legs thru muddy area. It seemed to not notice me or my dog who refused to go any further down the path. Before actually hearing the sound of branches breaking was a bad odor. Also about a year before, my son and nephew saw something unknown around the same area.

Please do not disclose my name or information to anyone. Thank you, truly. J.W.
Details, phone # and email address are in the 2003 database (See other St. Johns County report)

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