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Polk County, Florida
July 2000

Nearest city, Lakeland - phosphate pits are 2 to 3 miles away in swamps on Hwy 401-the closest cross-road is Pipkin Road.

My son dictated this story to me. We decided to tell you what he saw after we came upon the "report this sighting" on your website. My son has told me the same story over and over with out wavering. He is determined and serious about what he saw and has even cried when my husband said there was no such thing as what he saw. He said he would never forget it as long as he lives. I believe him. He will be 8 years old in September.

Here is the child's story without variation:

"I was visiting my grandma and papa and decided to go out back to play with my brother in the afternoon. We were walking out in the back yard when I looked up and through the old wooded orange grove into the back pasture.

That is where I saw what I call Bigfoot. It was very big and tall and was covered with hair all over. It was standing there waving or stretching its arms out as if it were mad about something. I turned to my brother and said "run."

We ran back into the house and locked the door. I said "Grandma, I just saw Bigfoot! We even shut all of the curtains so he couldn't see us. We were very frightened.

My cousin came over and we wanted to go back and try to find what we had seen. I thought I saw a shadow behind the barn but saw nothing in the barn. We did find a lot of half eaten oranges on the ground that had been torn apart. We got our Papa to go back with us because we were afraid to go by ourselves any longer. We didn't find anything else. I was scared! We talked about it for the rest of the day non-stop. My mom believes me but I'm not sure about the others. I still talk about it and will never forget what I saw.

The Bigfoot was very big and tall; hairy all over; looked human but it wasn't. No clothes, just hair all the way down to the ground. I couldn't see his feet. He or it stood there with its arms waving or moving about. Almost like he was mad about something. I only looked for a few seconds because I was too scared to look for long.

The Bigfoot was seen in open pasture about 4 acres, surrounded by trees from back fence lines and old grown over orange grove. Basically flat land but not too far from the Green Swamp on Hwy 401. I have heard of stories of hairy men or animals there but my son is too young to know of them.

© Bo Whitehead, <>
Report submitted on Tuesday, September 5, 2000 at 11:22:20

This report was taken by Bobbie Short, "Report a Sighting" website, September 7, 2000, sent to John Green's database and is currently under investigation by
Dr. Peter Rubec, Ph.D.

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