What this clip shows is critical information that had been cropped out of all copies of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film.
Only the master copy remains uncropped and contains the full wide field frames that contain this information.
The National Geographic Channel recently broadcast this seldom seen full frame version.
In a frame-by-frame analysis of this version, Patterson can be seen pursuing the subject while filming.
A large limb passes in front of the camera and then off to the side.
At this point, Patterson realizes that he can't get an angle on the receding subject, so he back tracks himself, and in doing so, allows the camera to pan the ground. It is here that the camera picks up a barefoot track, complete with mid tarsal pressure ridge that is sunk deeply into the sand. The camera then swings over to reveal the boot prints of Patterson himself.
It was in this same National Geographic broadcast that Mr. Bob Hieronimus stated that Roger Patterson took the film from horseback. The bare foot track does not appear to be involved in the track way of the creature being pursued by Patterson.
Also note the depth of the barefoot track compared to Patterson's own boot prints.  M.K.Davis December 2005    

Then, in this rather large video file - but combined with the above 'track animation' file, we clearly
hear Hieronimus condemn himself as a prevaricator and a hoaxer extraordinaire...
(Plays best with Quicktime)

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