Bigfoot Encounters

Laird Meadow Road Footprint 1964

This footprint was found by Pat Graves on Laird Meadow Road, near Bluff Creek, California in 1964. During a conversation, Pat mentioned to Roger Patterson he had found the tracks just the day before. Roger hurried to the location, hoping to see the footprints himself; what he found was extraordinary..

The creature that made the tracks came down from a mountain, crossed Laird Meadow Road, continued down an old logging landing, and finally disapeared over a bank and into the woods, with an average stride of 52 inches. Each footprint was 17 inches long and 5 wide at the heel. The tracks were imprinted an inch and a half deep, far deeper than Roger's own footprints. Evidence of a flexible foot was seen in the prints, particularly when the foot had stepped on small rocks; the toes curled over them.

Patterson then made casts of the footprints. This is one of the casts made; it was left by a right foot. The life form that made this footprint is presumed to be a (large) male sasquatch, who's tracks were found in the area on several other occasions ranging in time from 1958 to1963.

Laird Meadow was and still is a sacred place to the local Indians they called, "Mountain of the Thunderbird...."

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