Bigfoot Encounters

1977 Fake Bigfoot - The Marx Photos

These are not photographs of a real sasquatch.

The photos listed here are faked.
You can see, the shoulders are not set wide or massive enough.
The forearms are not long enough. The upper part of the body is rather gelish
and the arms have no muscle definition or mass.
The torso is not barreled or thick as it should be.
The hips are not pronounced and only humans walk with a locked knee. This is clearly a smallish person in a suit. The film frames were generated from a 16mm bit of Kodachrome film footage hoaxed by the late Ivan Marx & his widow, Mrs. Peggy Marx in the
year 1977 processed in Marx's Kodak facility in the Burney, California. That's Peggy in the small BF suit, which she hand-sewed from hides she acquired from such as the Salvation Army,
Goodwill second hand stories.
Photo courtesy Peter Byrne

All Ivan Marx fakes...

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