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Willow, Alaska
70-80 miles north of Anchorage
August 2000

I believe this happened within the last 3 years. The town closest to the sighting is Willow, about 10 miles from Wasilla, maybe 70 or 80 miles north from Anchorage,
(give or take)

The informant lives near Willow, Alaska and was driving home very early in the morning, around 5 or 6 am. The month was August. My friend claims to have been driving along the highway, which is very scenic but very isolated even though it is the main highway to get north to Fairbanks. Not many houses & they are spread out for sometimes miles. Very thick, dense forest & foliage everywhere. Driving down a straightaway, he noticed something big wandering onto the road.

It came out of the woods from the left side of the highway. I think he said he was around 100-150 ft from it. It walked out very casually and got about to the middle yellow lines. It briefly stopped, turned and glanced at the informant (my friend) and his truck, and then, as his exact words were, "Just booked."
I said "ran?"
And he kind of struggled to come up with the term that suited what it did. He said, "Not really ran, or started running, more like just moved so fast, he couldn't believe it. He couldn't quite grasp what just happened or what he had just seen. He said that it was huge. I asked, "6, 7, 8 ft??"
And he just replied "yeah like that, but just so big, (the girth) of it was huge, and it moved so fast, I couldn't believe it, then It was just gone"

I was surprised to hear him say that when he crossed the point where this thing crossed, he was shaking it freaked him out so bad. I asked him if he slowed down & looked where it went into the woods, he replied that he didn't even slow down. I asked, "what did you think it was when you first saw it, a bear, moose?"

He said when he first saw it he thought it was a man, a hitchhiker or backpacker, but quickly realized that it was covered in fur, and the size, it walked upright on two legs the whole time. He kept emphasizing the way it moved when it realized there was a truck coming down the road, how fast & different it moved.

He also told me that he knows "several" people who have seen the creatures in the Willow area. He said one person in particular, saw one up close for a "considerable amount of time" VERY COOL!! That means theeeerrrreee heeeaaarr in Alaska!!!!

So there you go. Like I said, I plan on talking to him more in depth & sketch out the bigfoot he saw. I will definitely give you the drawing and the details for the website, feel free to use this, but I will probably correct a few things when I talk to him again. I told him I wanted to drive with him to the spot he saw it & look around a bit. I showed him my drawings & he really liked them, he wants a poster.

Report filed, January 9, 2003 for Bigfoot Encounters website.