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Whitewater Bay, Juneau, Alaska

"In reference to footprints or tracks at Whitewater Bay at the southwestern end of Admiralty Island, I had a bear hunting party out and at the time I sighted these tracks. I did not pay too much attention as my interest was involved in getting my hunting party a bear. However, I did try to walk in the tracks and found that they were somewhat further apart than I could step off; a longer stride than a man would make. The depth of these tracks went clear through the moss and may have been made last winter when the ground was frozen. Made by a much heavier animal than is common in this area. The tracks were 14" to 16" long and I would guess about 8" wide.

"I did not think much about this until Dick Tierney and I were talking about our travels a couple of weeks ago and I happened to remember this incident, which has been one of the few things I could not resolve.

It is possible that I may have a trip back into that area in the next few weeks and if those tracks still exist I will try to photograph them. I am sorry that I did not examine them more closely so I could have given you a little more detail. This matter has me interested in your research."
© Foster W. Wilkins, bear hunter-guide, 1969

Richard L. Tierney, now of Moose Pass, Alaska wrote " I have seen much of this Admiralty Island, including Whitewater Bay. It is densely covered with rain forest and is practically uninhabited. It is a huge island near a hundred miles long and crawling with brown bear. Anything could be there. Once you get away from the beaches, all this south east Alaska country is as wild as the Peruvian Mountains."