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Carroll Inlet, Ketchikan, Alaska

This year it has been difficult to get out to investigate reports, and I have no actual sightings or tracks to report.

However, the USFS did have one unusual case of damage to two of their trucks on an isolated logging road system east of Ketchikan in April 2000.

The road system was the Shelter Cove logging road system on the west side of Carroll Inlet. The trucks were separated by an air-distance of approximately 25 miles, but by an actual driving distance of over 100 miles.

Allegedly, one truck and one suburban were both found one morning, with windows smashed in and the roof of one of the vehicles compressed down with an estimated force of 1,000 lb.

There were no marks to indicate human involvement and vandalism was not the official explanation.

Officially, the report, which I have not been able to obtain, suggested that the work was that of a bear or bears. Only black bear occur on Revilla, and their weight is rarely in excess of 650 or 700 lb.

If I can obtain photos I will forward copies to you.

Rob Alley, Ketchikan, Alaska
Wednesday, January 03, 2001 8:16 PM

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