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Haines County, Alaska
February, 1994 in the afternoon

closest water Canal; closest road is Beach Road
This is a sighting that was told to me by a friend, then I heard it from the person who actually was there. But this is how the story goes: - at the time they were young local kids, but it was winter and they were in the woods actually really close to downtown Haines when they saw what they described as a huge human-like hairy animal sitting in the snow eating fish.

They ran screaming to a neighbor close by, who then went into the woods and saw footprints that were too far apart for him to step in with both feet, and where it was sitting it made seat marks that could fit two people in with room to spare.

Two locals that have a good reputation tell the story, one is even a minister and the young person comes from a wealthy family. When I heard the story from the horses' mouth they began to shed tears, this obviously had a profound affect on them. The terrain is woodsy, slight incline to the south about 200 yards from the bay.

It was described as twice the size of any large man, covered in hair; since I was not there I do not have thorough description. I assure you, I've known both for quite some time, both have no reason to lie and if these people say it happened, then I believe them without a doubt, and I can say that about too many people. "Dave"

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