Paradise & Sterling City, California, 1969

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L Behme, of Magalia, California, made a curious night meeting: " - on April 16, 1969 at approximately midnight, we were in the car on the road between Paradise and Sterling City.

The surrounding area very wooded, well sprinkled and crossed by deep canyons. As we started a long curve, our headlights lit what seemed to be a man in a fur, crossing the road.

During one moment we had a front view when it turned to the car, then it was inserted in the darkness.

Our impression that it was high of more than 6 feet [1.80 m] completely was covered with short black hairs, which seemed to be marked either of white spots or of mud.

Its face was white although the details appeared confused.

The eyes did not shine in the night-light, as is the case of the eyes of an animal.
The head was small and finished at a peak at the top. It was heavily built with particularly heavy legs."

Credit Peter Byrne 1975
Courtesy Western Bigfoot Society

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