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Bob Gimlin would never lie - oh really?
By Pete Williams
Dear Ms. Bobbie: Regarding your remarks about Bob Gimlin, let me assure you he IS capable of lying, was then, is now.

I'm reading Greg Long's 2004 book, "The Making of Bigfoot" and remembering some of the shit Long took, especially at Ray Crowe's Western Bigfoot Society (WBS) meeting in Portland, Oregon and later from no-niks like Daniel Perez and John Green solely because he (Long) believed in Bob Heironimus. But that was about the only mistake investigator Long made. He was pretty much right about everything else!

<-- Bob Gimlin 1967

Author Long was mostly underfire and criticized because he was trying to convince people Bob Heironimus was the "man-in-the-ape-suit;" Bob Heironimus DID pass a polygraph. Aside from that, I am no friend of Greg Long's but he did nail Bob Gimlin in his book as a liar with court records, read 'em and weep.

That was in 2004. In re-reading some of Long's other investigative revelations; here is the biggest one that will surprise the "Gimlin Guard," where Gimlin is caught lying even about his own mother and father, like who does that? It's like a finger wave to his admirers and hero worshipers who say he couldn't possibly lie.

An excerpt from Greg Long's 2004 interview with Bob Gimlin...

Long: "Let me ask you: Have you ever been arrested? I've got a case on a Robert E. Gimlin arrested for accepting stolen plywood and nails. Was that you?"

Gimlin: "No. Not me. There's about five Robert E. Gimlins."

Long: "So you've never been arrested for stealing stolen property?"

Gimlin: "I've never been arrested for anything, you know. In fact, I'm a good Christian man and I live a Christian life."

Long then goes about rechecking his 1962 Gimlin arrest case file and notes that a Mr. William E. Gimlin and Dola Gimlin as the signed sureties posted a bond for $3000.00 on behalf of Robert E. Gimlin, the incarcerated.

All three of their signatures were on the bail bond!!

Investigator Long then phones a Lillie Gimlin in Yakima who turns out to be Bob Gimlin's sister-in-law. He asks Lillie if she knows who William and Dola Gimlin are... she replies, "They are Bob Gimlin's parents. They are no longer alive."

Greg Long then went home and dug up a copy of Daniel Perez' Bigfoot Times newsletter commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Patterson film that has Bob Gimlin's signature in it; he then compared it to the signature on the bail bond.

The signtures matched. Gimlin bold-face lied about his own mother and father in 2004 and in the same breath claims he's a Christian man who doesn't lie. Gimlin not only out-right lied about stealing but about his jail time and bond, but about his parent's participation.

So is Bob Gimlin capable of lying? Most assuredly.
- ---
You can't make this stuff up, Bobbie, it's a matter of record. The man is no hero.

Pete Williams
Maryland July 2005

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