Bigfoot Encounters

Trinity County, California 1987 - 1989
The Yolla Bolly Wilderness
near Indian Dick above Round Valley
Between 1987 & 1989 I worked on the USFS trail crew that cleared the hiking trails in the Yolla Bolly Wilderness. I can't readily remember our exact location though I know I could take somebody there or show on a topo map.

Any how one evening after work while we were setting up camp, the pack mules started acting really skittish and were trying really hard to get loose.

At the same time we were hearing a sort of crackling in the woods that sounded eerily like a human walking through the woods and there was a foul odor permeating the air. This went on for about 2 hrs when it all stopped as suddenly as it started.

I have not been back since though even to this day I would like to go back and explore the location at which all this activity took place especially since I have read about some sightings not to far from the exact location where we were clearing those hiking trails.

This location was right next to the river, which had extremely steep terrain; this goes along with many other sightings I have read about in this area of the Yolla Bolla Wilderness.

If ya all are interested I would gladly take you to the exact location were all this went down. It is very deep into the wilderness from Indian Dick above Round Valley.
This was in Trinity County, California

Paul Edmonds


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