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Yakima County, Washington State Summer 2010

The following took place July 15, 2010, last summer in Washington State, the area I will not disclose, as we are actively monitoring this area, I will divulge it was in Yakima County. 

My wife, Tanya and I have been going into this area for a few years, it is a very remote area, and has in the past had a lot of Sasquatch activity. The nearest paved road is thirteen miles away. Tanya and I were headed to this area, to meet another researcher Scott McDonald, Scott had wanted to check this area out for awhile also, so we agreed to take him in and show him around. Tanya and I had headed up to the area on Thursday night, and would meet Scott the next day. We were heading up the gravel road to the area and were ten miles in from the paved road, when we came around a bend and there were two Boys walking down the road. I pulled up and asked them if they needed help, they told us they had been up four wheeling, and had broken the rear axle on their jeep. They asked if they could borrow our cell phone, we told them sure , and offered them water, and some bug spray as the mosquito's were horrendous! 

My wife started talking with one of the young men, as the other was explaining to his dad on the phone where they were and what had happen, the young man my wife was talking with started telling my wife how they were very glad we had come along, as they felt something was following them, and had been for some time! My wife asked how far they had been walking; he responded that they had been walking for a couple hours! He explained that something had been growling and snapping branches along side of them back in the trees! I asked if they had any type of weapon on them, they responded all they had was a three cell mag light! I told them we would drive them back to the road as it was getting dark, as we were far enough back in the woods and on the north side of the mountain so it was getting dark. Both of the young men acted very relieved and quickly accepted the offer. 

As we were driving the young men down off the mountain, my wife , who had lived in the area for some time, found that our older son and daughter knew these boys younger brothers. We dropped them off and made sure they were ok, we then started back up the mountain. 

Other than busting through a huge snow bank on the road, we had just one more adventure this night, as we set up camp at 6700 feet, was a rowdy grey fox who kept roaming in and out of our camp checking us out. The following morning we were contacted by our friend Scott, telling us he was on his way up from the highway, which meant we had an hour and half before we would see him. My wife suggested we take a walk, I agreed, we started down the road we had driven in the night before, and felt we would just walk until we met Our buddy Scott on the way up, we had spotted some coyote, fox and bear prints. We were walking when I spotted something ahead of Tanya and told her to stop! It kind of freaked her out as I had kind of yelled it excitedly; there were footprints in the road! On top of our tire tracks from the night before!  

We were looking at two different tracks heading the same way, one set smaller than the other, Tanya was very excited, she had never actually seen, or found Squatch tracks before! We photographed the tracks as best we could, with a tape measure and Tanya's hand for size comparison. Scott was very excited when we showed him our find, this area in Yakima County has always had a lot of activity.  

We have deployed trail cameras here, but have yet to capture any images, we will continue research in this area, and will be getting in there this winter on snowmobiles, but we will see.                                            

Ron and Tanya Knapp
Scott McDonald

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