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Tuolumne County, California June 22, 2009

This summer my son and I were section hiking on the Pacific Coast Trail; we started out from Kennedy Meadows in the South Sierra Wilderness.  

After several days we were headed back to Kennedy Meadows and at the South Fork Kern River, and took a different trail from there along the river.  The trail was good for a few miles although we did have to cross the river numerous times. After hiking for sometime the trail was blocked by a rockslide but we decided to push on along the river. It turned out we made a bad decision, we had to fight our way threw the dense bush and cross the river several times, which now was much deeper. The last time we crossed we found an old mining camp, which was very bizarre, the chairs and tables and even cups were still upright undisturbed. There was a date carved into a bored dated 1935.  

There was a sand beach along the river and that when I notice huge tracks in the sand walking threw the camp. I am experience in the woods and this was no bear track. Me and my son took pictures of the best tracks and spent some time at the site and even found a pile of very large poo. And there was even hair in it, and now looking back I should have gotten a sample, but by this time we were lost and wanted to get back to Kennedy Meadows.  

This area was very remote area and no man had ventured here for some time. So it was prime habitat for something that wants to remain unseen. We walked due west and after much hardship made it out the next day. This experience only confirmed what I had always believed. I think it is great that there is something out there that mankind cant kill or capture. I plan on going back next summer.  

R. Wren
Tuesday, December 8, 2009, 8:03 AM

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