Bigfoot Encounters

Wood County, Wisconsin 1985

My sister, Natalie and I decided to take the four-wheeler out after dark against my father’s words. We followed the trail from our property into the McMillan Marsh. There, we were able to run along a dike system between water reservoirs. It was mid-winter and my sister, Nats was driving the four-wheeler and I was riding shotgun behind her along the dike; it was lightly snowing. Dark grew in fast and we were suddenly surrounded by darkness and snow with two head-lights to show the way.

SUDDENLY.... A LARGE, 7 to 8 foot creature walked up onto the dike in front of us about 50-yards away. It stopped turned and looked right at us. We both noticed how the wind blew the long light brown hair (about a foot long) on its side apart and it was white underneath as the hair parted from the wind. Our four-wheeler lights were not high enough to see the face but it had a large muscular chest and arms and walked like a man. The chest was a little more hairless so that you could see rippling muscles under the dark hair. It had very long arms and did not walk like a human. It sauntered along, totally unafraid of us; it swaggered with very long arms swinging at its side and then it went off the dike and into the wilderness. We were shocked and horrified.

We sat in shock and then throttled over where its location was. There were very large footprints in the soft snow. We hurried home and never told a soul until years later. We compared what we saw and our stories were exact. We will never forget that night. It was not a wolf, a bear or anything human.

I stand by that with my soul. If it were just me, I would have blown it off as a figment but Natalie has every detail to the exact of my own.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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