Bigfoot Encounters

Whidbey Island
Island County, Washington State 1970's

This is a secondhand account: In 1972 I was a truck driver in Queens, New York.  After finishing our day we would hang out in front of the place just chewing the fat. I was a UFO investigator at the time and interested in all kinds of phenomena.

After telling of a UFO sighting that I'd had, a new driver took me on the side and told me of a Bigfoot sighting he had had on Whidbey Island Washington. He and a friend had weekend leave (Navy) and were going to go fishing on Whidbey Island. They were walking up a faint trail to a lake and heard something coming down the trail making a racket through the heavy brush. A huge bi-pedal ape burst into the open 10 yards in front of them and stopped with a surprised look on its face. I would imagine the men had the same look on their faces. They dropped everything and ran down the hill at breakneck speed all the way to their boat on the beach. They didn't see it again and I'll bet didn't miss it. This probably happened in 1970 or 71...


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