Bigfoot Encounters

Whatcom County, Washington
September 2007

A veteran hunter from Maple Falls, Washington named "Such" was scout hunting areas south of the Canadian border on the U.S. side due west of NF-3140 but somewhere east of south Pass Road. Stopping to rest, he was sitting up against a tree off of a well worn game trail waiting, resting; he was sitting in complete camouflage gear listening to something walking up on him from behind. He said he sat frozen because it was two-legged sounding, he could hear it breathe, his heart pounding in his chest for more time than he said he cared to admit because there was no trail behind him. "Such" never did see whatever made the crashing footsteps in the brush behind him.

Finally another hunter walked up on him on the game trail in front of him and as the man walked passed him with his pack and rifle, "Such" hollered out "hello" scaring the other hunter nearly to death. "Such" realized he scared the fellow because he jumped sideways and asked him if he wanted to sit down with him, welcoming the company of another hunter who said he was from Nooksack, Washington area.

The Nooksack man sat down and in the course of conversation told "Such" that he had encountered something he had never seen before in those woods which is why he was so nervous. He had tracked this something up near where "Such" had been sitting and "Such" figured that was what he had heard passing behind his back moments before.

The Nooksack man never did say what he thought he saw, only that it was covered with hair like a bear and maybe eight to nine feet tall, huge - walking on two legs like a man walks. He said "it was no bear, of that I am sure." From the description, "Such" thought it was a sasquatch and when he told the Nooksack man what he thought, the man went quiet, got up and left back down the game trail. He never did get his name or see him again.

Beverly Castenada,(Such's wife)

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