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Western Washington State

Fri, 30 Jun 2000 11:16:52 -0700 PDT

I didn't see that about log truck driver seeing sasquatch up close but would very much like to see that report. This year it has been crazy around western Washington for sightings of Sasquatch. I wonder if maybe it's breeding time; the of screams, tree knocking, I haven't had the time to keep up with the reports coming in I just got three more this week.

I have been working with Ron Knapp from Richland, Washington and Ron Madden of Yakima. Both very good people as well with Andrew Peterson of Washington state Sasquatch search group. I have been up North of Spokane; on a sight area I hope to get you into there are at least four if not more Sasquatch.

June 8, 2000 we found the beds of three sasquatches and track from the beds tracks 1) 17"x8"x4" 2) 16"x7"x4" 3) almost 13"x6"x4" didn't get a stride last year they went from 67" to 48". The bed we found were in fallen trees the first 1) 10'x8'x4' 2) 10'x8'x4' 3) 6'x6'x4' all side by side and it rain the night before and they were dry and had musk smell to them burn your nose they had ferns and bows layer in them about three to four inches thick this area has been active for six years these people who found the area have been going there for that amount of time and didn't know what it was they just stay maybe two days and it would get creepy and couldn't stay there any longer they call me 1998 and I went to this area and was able to observe one sasquatch squatted on a rock this was October 19 ,1998.

Last year we camp there for two weeks and the creatures would run by camp on hill side and howl at us and come down into camp and mess with our coolers after we went to bed we never pushed them they came around us all the time; one threw a piece of bark at one of the travel trailers. I heard two come near our tent and walk all around it.

The party that found this area has seen five of the creatures, two during the day and three at night or dusk by the lake track were found daily just by water edge and on the mountain side there was two small sets 9"x5"x4," 8"x5"x4" but this year not found still up high. When Leonard gives me permission I would like you to come to the area if possible. I am over west side and it's a long way over there and not so far for you. These people are very nice. Just little afraid to let many know about it.

RON Knapp has been there and I have told them about you. And they are thinking of extra help in this area. I believe you would be of great help to them.

John Bindernagel has been to the area in August last year and will be there July 1 2000 this year. I hope we can work together on this; I have over 30 years in the field and have been able to see four of the creatures, two in this area here. I got started in 1967 after seeing the Patterson film. It has been a run. I have worked 21½ years as a police officer and still new in this field.

My best,
Fred Bradshaw

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