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Big Footprint found in Wayne County, Indiana 1972

Wayne County, Indiana

Wayne County, Richmond, Indiana 1972 - In Springwood Park.

First I'll tell you a little about myself. I am 49, married, a supervisor at the Hills Floral Group in Richmond, Indiana. I have lived in this area all my life. First in Richmond, then in Economy (20 yrs.)

The Bigfoot footprint sighting and subsequent unknown scream took place in 1972.

I will tell you a little about the area of the sighting. The place was Springwood Park, on the northern outskirts of Richmond. Richmond is about 15 miles away from Economy. At that time Springwood was a private owned park. It is a very large park bordering, at that time, large tracts of woodland.

The far northern end of the park is very dense undergrowth. No one ever ventured that far back except for a few friends & me. There is a railroad that cuts through the park & this is where I saw the prints.

The day I saw them was extremely cold out, about 15-20 degrees. About 3 inches of snow had fallen the night before. I love to wander around the woods after a fresh fallen snow. Walking along the tracks, I stopped for a rest on a big metal box that belonged to the railroad. This is when I noticed the prints. They crossed the tracks a few feet from where I was sitting & went around the box & into the woods. The other side of the tracks dropped off into a steepbank & into a small valley. The tracks came from the valley, crossed the tracks & into the woods. What was strange was that they were barefoot tracks, but, they were not large tracks. More like a normal sized mans. But barefoot in that weather? You are thinking, " did you follow them"? Not on Aunt Betty's tootie.!!!!! I could see them for about 20 yards or so where they headed into the thicker part of the woods. I was alone & not crazy <Grin>

At that time, I never heard of anything called Bigfoot. I thought it had to be a real nut case. I figured that anyone who could traipse around in 15 degree weather, in the snow and no telling how far he went, had to be one rugged individual !!

Time for me to beat-feet and get the hell out of Dodge. Ok, now will let you in on secret no.2. Two of my friends and I spent many days & afternoons roaming around there & had only 1 other incident before this one but don't know if this has any meaning.

I have been a hunter all my life, (hope that does not offend) so I know the sounds of the woods and when things are not right. We could go out there and at times things just didn't " feel " right. Eerie. It was like we were being watched or something. The woods just was not right. Can't explain it, but we all felt it without saying a word.

We just knew it was time to leave. One summers evening, before the print sighting, we decided to grab our sleeping bags and camp out. All went well until sometime in the middle of the night. We heard the most awful scream I have ever heard. Can not describe it, but have NEVER heard anything like it. It did it several times. We packed up our gear. There is a small cabin not far from where we were. The park rented it out for parties etc. We climbed up onto the roof and stayed there until daylight. Figured it was safer than trying to make the trek out of the woods. Well, that's about it. Can't think of anything else that would help you. Any ideas? Have any questions, just ask. As for being anonymous, yes please. .

Witness name withheld

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