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Waterton National Park, Alberta Canada


Near Waterton National Park, Alberta Canada
May 2002

During my training as a tour guide for Glacier National Park, I decided to take a trip on another guides bus to see Waterton. This would be in late May of 2002.

We were coming back from Waterton, still in Canada, when the driver/tourguide pointed out what appeared to be a fisherman walking along the river. The other tourist did not seem too interested, but I was.

I noticed that the so-called fisherman was walking funny, strange gate to his walk. I then looked closer to see that this being moved with an ape like walk and was naked (as in no clothes) but hairy all over.

When I was a child around 4 or 5, living in Arizona, I went camping with my parents near a place called Strawberry. We had been fishing early in the morning. My parents were cooking fish for lunch. So I decided to climb up on top of a boulder near our campsite. When I got on top of the rock, I noticed through the pine branches a face starring right at me. It had a calm look on its face, and was very tall, we were eye to eye. I also noticed that it was naked and hairy all over. My parents came to pick me up for lunch and this being ran away into the woods. A few weeks later I saw a movie based on In Search Of Bigfoot. I had nightmares for a few years. I now know that this being did not wish me harm, it was just curious. I remember the next day walking around the boulder and seeing huge footprints.

Thank you for your site, I feel you have the most informative site on the internet. I still am in search of this being we call Bigfoot. I will keep you up to date on any new info I come across.

Scott Barlow Jr

Tuesday, January 07, 2003 10:19 AM
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