Bigfoot Encounters

Butler Pond, Warren County, New York

Fall 1989
I was deer hunting with five people, including my younger brother. We were in our late teens. We started at sun up. The rest of my group went into the woods at a different location. I walked down the dirt road to the City water reservoir. As I made it to the pond, I could see something extremely tall with a large body mass standing at the opposite end of the pond. I remember that my immediate impression was a Black bear standing up. I didn't have a scope on my rifle and no binoculars. When I observed it walking and not going down on all fours I became a little scared. Then I gathered my courage since I did have a deer rifle and walked around the pond. When I got to the area I found no tracks in the mud or trail around. I know what I saw and decided to keep it to myself. I was thinking Big Foot.

Around 1300 we all met back to my car. I met my younger brother first. He had told me that he was standing against my car when Big foot came from the woods and went up across the road and back up the opposite hill. He described the Big Foot from coming from the direction where I'd observed it. I told him to keep his mouth shut for fear people would think he was nuts.

Long story short, years later I asked him about what he'd seen. He was serious when he said his impression was Big Foot and had not other explanation. I then broke down and told him what I'd seen. He said nothing more and neither of us has spoken of it again.

PK (name withheld)
November 30, 2010

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