Bigfoot Encounters

Sighting between Union and Wallowa Counties,
Oregon 2006

Hwy 82 north between Joseph, Oregon and Elgin, Oregon
Off the side of the Wallowa Lake Highway...

It was late summer of 2007, I was with my dad and we were helping my sister move. My dad is one of those real serious farmer types. We grew up our whole lives in Walla Walla Washington in the middle of wheat fields. My dad is one of the most honest and hardworking people I know. He is and always has been drug free, he has also always been a bigfoot skeptic and so I thought could detour his personal opinion. To my surprise I was wrong.

As he and I were sitting in his pickup he very seriously looked at me and asked "are you a believer in unnatural things?"(of course, I live for this kind of thing!) I told him yes and with a very skeptical and slightly nervous face he just looked at me. I have never seen my dad question or look confused about anything, ever!! This is my dad, I believe in him! So, he slowly pulls out his digital camera and just holds into it as if to change his mind and forget he ever said anything. By this time I can't sit still, I want to know what's got my dad acting this way, this isn’t like him. I was 25 at the time, my dad early 50's.

After debating for about ten minutes he finally hands me his camera. Silence for what felt like forever. All I could muster up was a laugh and snide comment as to what TV show did you find these on (there were two photographs on his camera. I have NEVER, NEVER in my life seen anything that looked like this.

My dad had the most disappointed, upset hurt face I have ever seen, grabbed his camera and completely went silent. After almost an hour of pleading he finally spoke to me, he just looked at me and said “of all the people in the world I believed you would understand....” my heart sank. I was so intrigued that I continued the questions, I needed; I wanted to see and study those photos. After another hour of prodding I finally got him to speak and finally got my trust back. It was shock that caused my reaction, and was it real? Was it? It couldn't be?

Those two pictures in his camera forever changed me and anyone I ever shared with. The photographs are unlike anything I have seen or heard about. I get the same reaction when I share the brings a whole new look on life. Here is my dad’s story:

Spring 2006: At the time the photos were shot, my dad was a logging truck driver; he drove through very remote places in the forest. It was around 5:30 am, bright and clear outside, the sky was a beautiful light blue and the weather was calm.

“I was driving the back logging roads between
Elgin and Joseph Oregon heading to pick up a
log let you know I am in thousands
of untouched acres of forest, almost unimaginable,
this was "no man’s land." After having drunk a
about a pot of coffee that morning I needed to
make a quick stop, pullover and relieve myself
there off the side of the road. There was no
one around for miles and miles. In the process
of relieving myself I have this uncomfortable
feeling of being watched, so I slowly looked up
and about 3-4 car lengths in front of me (I am
looking into the forest, truck to my back and
the door open) there staring right at me was
the most massive unnatural thing I have ever
seen, I quickly cut my business off and began
backing up and into my truck. I couldn't think.
The hair was standing on end and confused
I continued to back up and then climbed into
the cab of my truck. my cab. I locked the
door and grabbed my pistol and camera.
Either way one was getting used. I looked
back around at the creature; he was still
standing there, this massively built was of
a human-like creature just staring. I never
felt threatened so I snapped a photo and
watched in awe for almost a minute before
it turned to walk away, I snapped another
quick side shot of his face. He just continued
to walk deeper into the forest at a calm and
natural pace never looking back, then he was
gone and I realized I better get gone too. I
never reported this at work or discussed it
with my co-workers and I’ve had a hard time
telling you, my own daughter, a believer no
less. A co-worker of mine reported a similar
story six months after my experience, he lost
his job and is considered crazy amongst family
and friends, which is the whole reason I won't
share my photos of what I saw.”

I am going to describe the photos as best I can, but I cannot share them with you as that was part of the promise I made to my dad in order to get the copies that I have and completely cherish! Here goes; my dad is 6'1” ad about 200 lbs; the Sasquatch was around
7 ½ - 8 feet tall and 300 lbs easily. I am looking at my copies so I can describe in detail. I want to remind you again that there are no photographs out there that I can find that look like this guy. The creature is dark in skin color, much like that if a gorilla, he is hairless on his face and neck, he has hair growth where any grown man does on his body, almost identical pattern but much thicker, tops if the arms, back, chest, parts of the legs, groin area, he had muscle structure like that of a very fit mid-twenties man, his muscle definition is massive, very defined and large leg and arm muscles unlike any Bigfoot pictures I have seen. His face stares intently studying, waiting and ready; his arms are at his side but not touching his body, ready for the next move. His face is stern his lips are tight, his ears are small and his forehead is large and slopes at an angle, his eyebrow structure is strong, they protrude out to protect the eye sockets, the eyes are dark and deep set, the nose is very small and the area between his lip and nose is longer, protrudes out more and is longer than the human area, he also has a scar that begins just above his eye brow and ends, below his bottom lip, a good war wound for sure...his hair is long and begins halfway back, like a receding hair line but natural, the hair is in dreadlocks and blends with the body hair, kinda mimicking a Tarzan suit?! The hair is more a dark brown/reddish color and thicker and more coarse than human hair..... the thing is, he isn't appalling, or scary to look at. He is rather handsome for something of this nature; he looks like a hunter, a warrior, a guard?

That is my dad’s story, I hope to one day get over in the area and experience this for myself, but for now I will continue to cherish my dad’s photographs.

Stacey Wright
Washington State
August 2012

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