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Rock throwing sasquatch terrorizes camping fisherman

Wabash County, Indiana
September 27th, 1979

Two men went down the Wabash River for a weekend fishing/boat trip. They also took along one man's dog for the weekend wilderness trip. After floating down river half the day fishing, they found a secluded spot to set up their overnight campsite. The area was remote enough they had to use a machete to clear brush for their tent.

All day they had not seen anyone and they had only encountered native wildlife. They built a campfire prepared a meal that consisted of fish they had caught as well as food items they had carried with them. Around 10:30 PM they decided to go to bed and both men retired to the tent along with the dog.

Shortly thereafter a fog rolled in and visibility was about zero. Around midnight the dog that was sleeping between them sat up and let out a real low growl. In an instant the dog bolted from the tent and attacked something that was outside hidden in the fog, but sounded very close.

Both men thought the dog was fighting with a raccoon or some other type of animal. All of a sudden they heard a loud thump and a whimpering yelp that apparently came from their dog that was hidden in the heavy fog. The dog ran back into the tent and literally tried to crawl underneath the two men who were now sitting straight up.

They tried to send the dog out of the tent to resume the attack but the canine refused. By the way this dog was an attack trained German Shepard. It got very quiet and they could hear the sound of heavy footsteps and loud breathing.

As they listened they could hear it moving from the camp and down thru the woods to the edge of the river.
Then they could hear the sound of loud splashes and the sounds seemed to be rocks, big rocks being thrown into the river. Then they could hear the sound of rocks being thrown from the river towards them. The rocks whistled thru the tree branches and landed very close to their tent. Both men clambered from the tent and stood in the center of the camp back to back. Then they could hear the sound of whatever it was heading back to their camp.

It started circling the camp just far away enough they could not get a good look at it, until it moved closer towards them; they were not prepared for what they saw. It was a least 8-foot tall, black in color and walked with a speed they could not believe. And it walked upright, with arms that hung at its side with the hands reaching its knees.

It continued to circle the camp until daylight and then left as quickly and quietly as it arrived. When the men went to the river they found their steel flat bottom fishing boat dented up from being tossed around on the rocks along the riverbank. By the way when I requested them to take me to the location that this had occurred they said they would draw me a map.

This is an excerpt from my Bigfoot/Sasquatch audio journals.
Larry Battson...

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