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Highway Sighting on I-91 in Vermont

I have a sighting report that I got from a co-worker, so it's second hand. We live and work in CT, but the incident he described happened in Vermont.

He said that he and 3 friends were driving to Vermont on I-91 to go skiing, when what he described as a tall, hairy, man looking thing ran partially across the highway, then stopped and froze with its arms straight above its head in the middle of the highway.

When he described it, he shrugged as if to say "I know it sounds crazy".

He said that they swerved around it and they were all shaken up. He said that they had engine trouble around a mile after that and limped into a small town and stayed in a motel. He said that they were afraid because a mile wasn't far enough away from what they had seen.

This story caught my attention for a couple of reasons. First is that he gets made fun of for telling this story by other guys that we work with, yet when I asked, and he told me, he seemed sort of confused about it, but seemed truthful in that he saw something and had given an accurate description of it.

The second is what he says the Bigfoot did. I have never heard of a Bigfoot doing this (freezing like a tree?) and it seems like an odd thing to make up if you were going to string people along with a story. Please don't publish any of my personal info.

Filed January 2012

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