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... a little story on the Tualatin River, Oregon

An acquaintance of mine was having his house sided four years ago. The crew was Mexican.

On his desk in the study, he had a foot cast that I had taken up the Clackamas. When one of the siders saw the cast, he became very excited. My friend doesn't understand Spanish, but the foreman told him that the man wanted him to see some pictures, to be at the house when they started work the next day.

The man brought a packet of photographs he had taken along the lower *Tualatin River (about 15 miles south of Portland) when he and friends were fishing for pan fish, bass, and catfish. The river also has a huge population of crawfish.

After looking at what the man offered, I was called and directed to come
to my acquaintance' s house now.

The photographs included five or six of Bigfoot. There were two of them. One photograph was probably taken from about 15 feet or less away and showed a chest and head shot of the two Bigfoots. Another showed one on all fours cupping water. It was an excellent side shot from probably about 20 feet away. Another showed a good head shot of the big Bigfoot.

Through the translator, the man said he and his friends had seen them a couple of times over the weekend (date of weekend was inconclusive, but it was sometime that summer). Translated, he said that they used a one-time camera to make the shots and that the creatures didn't seem to mind them being nearby as long as they sort of ignored the men. They thought the beasts were after crawfish from the snapping motions he demonstrated. (some of this discussion was while I wasn't there)

We asked if we could make copies of the photographs. We were very excited.

There was an animated discussion over the request in Spanish. It seemed as if the man didn't want his identity known. My acquaintance said he wasn't on the crew the next day.

He took the photographs back. In a few months the siding company closed, so my repeated, quiet requests to get in touch with him again had no luck.

The photographs showed dark faced, relatively short haired creatures that were very muscular and trim. The big one was probably about 7' tall and the other one about 6.5' tall. Sex was indeterminate. Mouths were somewhat square, lips smaller than humans, nose a little flared, and eyes sunk just a little. The top of the heads was rounded, much like a humans.

Both creatures appeared to be in good health. The silhouetted photo of the one drinking (probably the smaller one) again showed a trim, but big body.

Almost across the Tualatin River from where the photographs were made, Steve Kiley and I investigated a sighting report the previous year. The subject is on film. The description was the same, time was night, duration about 15-20 seconds under a yard light before the 17-year-old got scared and roused his parents.

About one mile down stream is a monastery of some type that reportedly maintains a number of monkeys on the premises.

Also, our theory is that the Tualatin River is a natural pathway for the creatures between the Coastal Mountain range and the Cascade Mountains.

So, once again, some possible proof, but nothing. All I have is some detailed notes in my log.
My best,

Joe Beelart
West Linn, Oregon
Friday 17 November 2006

*The Tualatin River bears the name of a local Native American tribe that lived in the Tualatin River Valley.

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