Bigfoot Encounters

Thompson's Flat, Sixes River, Oregon 

Stan Sweet, a teacher in North Bend, Oregon wrote to ask if there were any recent reports around a place called Thompson Flat, on the Sixes River, on Oregon's south coast? This is a very remote spot, between Powers, Myrtle Point, and Sixes, Oregon.

According to local legend, the place was a mining town in the 1800s, but the inhabitants were terrorized by a "wildman." 

Slowly the town's people left the remote site, not wanting to deal with the strange, hairy creature(s) living there. Until quite recently, an old prospector lived there. I had a chance to speak with him once and he described seeing a creature fitting the Bigfoot description on a number of occasions. Stan Sweet

[The Coos Bay Historical Society has a couple of documents containing information on the Bigfoot that terrorized the Thompson Flat area:

"In the old days, after all the miners had been run off by the wildman, one brave miner decided to stay. ...Some time later they found him at his sluce box with his head bashed in by a bloody rock, which was still lying nearby." At the time, the old miner was the only living soul in the area."

Source: Stan Sweet personal corresondence

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