Bigfoot Encounters

Phibun, Nakhon Sri Thammarat County,
Southern Thailand, roughly 1986

My name is Amornrat and I wish to share with you my encounter with I shall say, an 'ape man' in Thailand. I am sending you a direct email.

This totally surreal, baffling but unique experience happened when I was 6 or 7. I am now 35 but remember every single detail like it happened yesterday.

In a tiny village in southern Thailand called "Phibun' in the county of Nakhon Sri Thammarat. Phibun is tiny, just a handful of houses on wooden stilts, a temple and a river ran behind the houses.  One day while visiting my cousins (I lived in the neighboring village of 'Klong Chandi') I noticed that a crowd had gathered outside one of the houses a few doors down from where I was. I knew that house also served as a coffee shop. I witnessed to this day something that I never thought I would ever share with strangers for fear of people thinking I am crazy.

I saw perhaps 4 Thai soldiers and 2 of them had what looked like a long leash which led to handcuffs and then 2 ape-like creatures.  In detail: they were tall, must of been 6ft walking upright like us, had dark fur same color as a chimpanzee, features of a chimpanzee but the eyes like a humans. I know it sounds corny but the only accurate way to describe them is that they looked like the creatures from 'The planet of the apes'. 

They seemed to be both male, though I couldn't be a 100% sure but the soldiers dressed them in jeans and long sleeve blue shirts if I remember correctly. They were sipping hot sweet tea with a small spoon like a human.

There was a crowd around them, they didn't seem too bothered. To me it seemed like they were used to the attention. They didn't act like how I presume and ape would act. I would say that they leaned to more to the human side in their behavior.

I was too young then to ask what or who they were. I suppose due to the initial response from the villagers it was their first time to have witnessed them too. I remember that some of them asked the soldiers questions, but I can't recall what was said. I asked my cousins about them too and they don't know anything about it.

The two ape like creatures seemed like they were used to humans (this is looking back) they didn't seem to mind us crowding around them. As I said they were sipping Thai tea which is served in a glass cup, they knew how to pick up the spoon and stir the tea then spoon the tea into their mouths rather then picking it up and drink from it.

I presume they must have been captured for a while, they seemed to be at ease around us though they barely took any notice of us. They wore clothing, they walked like us. They were not huge, not Gorilla like in their physique, no big heads, no huge shoulders like some of the pictures I've seen while researching on the net. They were like men with a chimpanzee mask or half man half chimpanzee is the best way to describe them.

I do remember that they didn't seem to have hair on their face, maybe around the face frame and the protruding ape like mouth, human-like eyes (dark) but it was the eyes that I remember the most. I remember vividly seeing pain in one of their eyes.  Their hair was black; because they had a long sleeve shirt and jeans on, you can only see so much. The crowd had packed into this tiny shop and I remember the room was dark from the many bodies straining to see them. Who knows where soldiers were taking them or what they were doing with them.

I went back to the village of Phibun for the first time after many many many absent years in 2004 and sadly a lot of the houses had either been flooded away or had been burnt down by a wild fire that happened many years ago.  My cousins still keep in contact with some people from there. I shall do my utmost to find out about them. I made a promise to myself to find out about my friends, wherever they are. I will be going back again next year, so I shall keep you updated. Also they must have come from Army Base nearby, someone out there knows about them.

Hope the info helped. I do feel better having shared this experience with you, though my husband loves me very much, I think he did give me a funny glance when I told him about it! Few people that I can share this experience it and who better than those who believe it too!

The soldiers didn't seem threatened or bothered by them. After drinking their tea, they left. I remember watching one of them sip his tea with his spoon, the sad look in his eyes. I'll never forget, never.

To this day if I could find them again I would want to free them. Goodness knows where they came from what happened to them but I do know that the Thai Army had something to do with it. We are talking about a tiny little community in the deepest thickest part of southern Thailand; no one would have had the money to pay for a practical joke like that. Though I never thought of researching to see if there was an Army Base near by, somebody out there knows about them. Sadly I feel that perhaps they were killed as I have not heard anything about them anymore but who knows. I pray and hope not.

Thought I would share this experience with you. Feel free to ask me more.


Thursday, September 10, 2009 10:40 AM

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