Bigfoot Encounters

South Riverside County, Temecula, California 2011

I am not 100 percent on what I seen however not only me but my whole family seen it. It was sunset and we were on the lakes edge in Vail Lake in Temecula California. We always frequent the lake and fish but mostly at night. This time my whole family drove out there. We went to the spot we always like to fish an us guys threw our poles in and the women and kids just stood around and looked around.  

I'm not sure who said it first but someone said look there's a guy squatting down backed up into a large rock where the shade was kinda hiding him. At first we didn't really trip on him but after a few minutes I really started noticing he didn't have a pole there was no trail down to where he was.

Then my wife started getting weirded out because the guy didn't move a muscle, he just stared at us! At this point the sun was really going down and it started getting darker. An hour or so had gone by and many of us were freaking out watching this guy hunched down. My son and I started hollering at him saying, “what are you staring at, quit staring at us!?” At this point my wife totally freaked out - she took the kids back to camp.

So now it's just me and my sons and I started really trying to see what this guy or thing was but it was getting dark and still this man or beast didn't move it's been over two hours by now and we were getting kind of ill at ease.  I don't scare easily but I was feeling like we better leave before it got totally dark. This man or bigfoot or whatever it was, was pretty large for being squatted down in the shade and being as the sun went down we couldn't make out if it had clothes on or not. What we honestly could tell was that it was an upright man of some sort squatting down in the rock staring for now over 3 hours at us without a movement So now it was dark and we decided to leave. That night all of us talked about how weird the thing was and how could a human squat for that many hours without moving.  We were all just trippin' out about it.

The next day my son went out to see if some how we were seeing something that was made to look like a person or something else some kind of reasonable explanation - however what ever was out there squatting down for three hours was no longer there! At that time everyone was freaked out to think about going and looking for prints or something.

I come from a reservation in Northern California called, Round Valley in Covelo Mendocino County and when I was younger back in say, 1988 my cousins and I were night fishing on the Eel River for Salmon. It was about 2 am when we had an encounter with several man-like creatures who threw rocks at us all the way back to the main road.

I was never in my life scared and that's why I'm not easily scared now. I didn't believe anything I heard and only half of what I see.  I would never have thought I would see anything like this in Southern California, not in these mountains because it isn't like the rugged thick woods where I come from.

I can't explain what we seen either time but my eyes are open to the possibility that these creatures exist…I am out here at Vail Lake again as I write but this time I brought a camera.

Hoagland July 5, 2011
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