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Taney County, Missouri
Bow hunting incident, first day of hunting season 2004

My story is a long one but I'm going to keep it short until someone wants to hear it I didn't see him but I heard him and two others while I was bow hunting in the Ozarks of southwest Missouri.

It was a truly terrifying experience. This is the first time I've come forward, but with the more increasing large amount of brave people speaking out I thought, why the hell not?

To answer your question it was in the southwest part of Taney County -- about 2.5 miles west of Stone County, Missouri and about 1 mile north of the Arkansas border, on the east side of 65 hwy....God's country.

It was early one Saturday morning, the first day of hunting season in Missouri 2004. I was watching a set of timber were 3 large Ozark Mountains converged. A lot of big hard woods and at where they all came together were a cluster of white oaks. A small creek came out of the center of the 3 hills. The small creek was thick with small cedars and small dogwoods, so you couldn't see through it.......impossible.

I just happen to be bow hunting that morning because I hadn't killed one yet that early bow season, so I thought why not.....Anyway, I called that small creek that made its way to me and then stopping about 25 yards in front of me, - a "bottle neck."

I had a lot of action that morning, more than normal. But I held off hoping for the Big Daddy. I am sitting, facing the south, and trying to get a shot off a little 4-point scrub-buck when I heard something behind me.... to the north in the belly of bottleneck where the 3 hills met. It sounded like it was walking up the "bottle neck" towards me.

I was convinced it was a deer making it's way up the creek. I had plenty of time to spin around go to one knee, hook my release to my string and then get ready to draw my bow.

Whatever it was stopped at the top of the "Bottle neck." I'm fixed and ready to draw my bow when suddenly a flock of crows flew over and saw what I couldn't! All I knew is whatever I heard walking, they could see and I couldn't. They made a terrible racket. They birds swirled around for about a minute squawking their heads off when whatever it was suddenly took off running back down the bottle neck.

This is when I became completely alarmed, because it was not graceful like a deer or any other kind of animal; it sounded like a Mac truck crashing through the woods with no brakes; snapping very large limbs in it's path.

I knew instantly that this is something I had never dealt with before. All the time the flock of crows followed it overhead all the way to the bottom of the bottle neck where the 3 hills came together, then it stopped.

The crashing stopped and the crows stopped circling. About another minute went by and it never moved. The crows became calm and weren't being very loud when all of a sudden they all fluttered up squawking bloody murder at the exact same time this Sasquatch yelled out! My heart fell into my stomach and then it yelled loudly again, confirming what I had just heard was indeed real.

This thing was about 100 yards from me and its yell was so loud, the reverberation shook my clothes. Then after this thing yelled the second time I heard over my left shoulder to the southwest another one answer but a good distance away and then over my right shoulder another one yelled towards the southeast but a little bit further away than the one that yelled before it.

What I heard that morning sounded like Jurassic Park or King Kong! I had never heard anything like that up until that morning but the instant I heard it my brain and my inner voice said, “Bigfoot!”

I was frozen in fear that morning and for the first time in my life I pissed down my leg. I quickly gathered myself together and left.

Dan George

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