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Sweet Home, Linn County, Oregon
October 1, 2010

My name is Andy Robson and I am a private Sasquatch experiencer. I live in the Northwest Oregon to be exact. This event took place in Sweet Home, Oregon.  My Grandfather saw it in British Columbia in 1958. The truth is, I never thought I would have an experience.  The sighting was in 2010, first day of October I believe. I know it is in Linn County.

It was late summer; late September, early October. I walked out on the porch to breathe some fresh air when I noticed something to the right of me. I turned and saw a 7 ft tall gray Sasquatch standing about 50-75 ft away. It walked away slowly, making only heavy breathing sounds. I heard the footsteps but they were not as loud as I expected them to be. Then suddenly I heard nothing at all; he was gone.  I was quite shaken; the whole event only lasted 5-7 seconds. But it was very real and very intense.  I found footprints around the area and there are still reports coming from this remote area in the hills of Sweet Home, Linn County, Oregon.

Sweet Home is a small town near Eugene and Albany. I noticed that the Sasquatch was thinner then most. It was not bulky or muscular at all. It looked like a tall hairy thin male. It had deep breaths. I heard him breathing 50-75 ft away.

All I can remember is that is was tall, light grey, shadowy, and moved with no intention of being scared that I was there. He just walked off….slowly and into the forest.

My grandfather's sighting was published in John Green's “The Sasquatch File.”  In British Columbia, and that was in December of 1958, in the Bella Coola Valley. My grandfather George Robson saw a sasquatch with his friend Bert while they were camping around a fire. They were hunting by Burnt Bridge at the time when a tall 8ft Sasquatch, black hair, came down and stood looking at them. When they stared back, the creature leapt, jumping over patches of snow to remain hidden. They found one heel print but nothing else. It just vanished into the forest. He died when I was 9 years old and I have always wanted to go back there and investigate. My grandfather was a great man…


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