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Strange Tepee-like Stick Structure Found July 2009
Upshur County, West Virginia

Below is the rear of the stick structure

Mike Pentycofe, a researcher who makes his home in Erie, Pennsylvania and his research partner Raj Parekh found this stick structure last year, July 2009 in the middle of nowhere, deep in the forest regions of Upshur County, West Virginia. The structure was enormous measuring some 15 to 20 feet long; 6 feet wide by 7 feet high from the ground. "Some of the logs were quite massive and some were thinner than a pencil," Pentycofe said.  The sticks along the side of the structure were pushed into the ground for extra stability. Some of the tiny branches were woven together. The way this thing was made, defied human logic! We also set up a game cam near the bottom of the trail where this thing was located and got numerous deer hits."

"The last 2 hits were quite compelling but we could not tell what it was
, he said.

Direct your comments regarding the structure to "'Mike Pentycofe'" or "Raj Parekh"

Below: Pentycofe in West Virginia 2009

Left: Raj Parekh

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