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Sonoma County, CA (Just a story..terrifying screams heard, no sighting)
July 1980

Well I have collected enough information from various bigfoot sites about screams to conclude that I heard a sasquatch on a bicycle touring trip from Portland, Oregon to Santa Barbara, California in the summer of 1980.

My girlfriend & I arrived at Fort Ross Historical Park north of Jenner, California in Sonoma County on an evening in mid July. We decided to camp there at Fort Ross as it was marked as a campsite on our map, but it had no campsites. There was no one at the main house nor around the fort (Old Russian Fur Trading Fort) or on any part of the grounds.

We rode to a campground further south but it was too expensive & we decided to ride back to Fort Ross. We camped to the left of the upper parking lot under some Monterey pines next to a picnic bench. We ate dinner & went to bed at around 9pm.

At approximately 1am a scream 20 feet to the left of the tent (our heads were facing the ocean) a blood curdling scream of various sounds in succession that lasted at least 9 seconds. It frightened me to my bone marrow. I froze in fear knowing that whatever made the sound was huge. It was so close I could hear the tremor in its throat. Since I'm a musician I realize how much force it takes to make a sound that loud. I've also been camping all my life, & have heard various animals but this was different. I have been told it was a bear or a mountain lion. But I don't think so. Anyway, my girlfriend said in a whisper "What the f**k was that!" I started to reach for a flashlight and her hand grabbed my wrist with a vice-like pressure so I didn't move. We remained frozen listening to every little noise for an hour.

Incidentally there were sheep running free everywhere going baah baah & they didn't stop making noise when the scream occurred. Finally my girlfriend fell asleep & I remained on guard with my hands hovering around the tent pole to use as a weapon, thinking that at any moment it would stick its fanged head into our tent.

At around 2:30am (I guess) I heard another scream down by the fort in the lower parking area. I figured it wasn't coming back so I fell asleep.

It didn't occur to me the next morning that it was a sasquatch so I didn't look for footprints. Nor did I hear it walking the night before.

Craig Camp

LoggedThursday, November 13, 2003 9:49 PM

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