Bigfoot Encounters

Skamania County, Washington 

I've got one for you. This is a true story. 

During the summer of '93, I owned 5 acres in the Cascade Mountains of SW Washington, in Skamania County.

The area is rather remote, with very few people living up there, most are 1/4 mile at the closest to neighbors. I was outside in the yard around dusk playing with my daughter and my gray wolf dog, when the neighbor's dogs, (who lived farther up the canyon, that he used to hunt bear), started to make more noise than usual.

As I listened to them, there was this very loud, growling-howling- scream that was unlike anything I have ever heard. It made the hairs on my dog's neck stand up on end, and mine too!

All at once the canyon was dead silent, which is very unusual being in a canyon, even the most slightest noises seem to echo down the canyon, and on the air there was this horrible smell that I would relate to something dead mixed with a very musky smell. As I told my daughter to get in the house, I noticed that my dog was cowering under the house and refused to come when I tried to call him in the house.

Living in the mountains in such a remote place, it is not unusual to see and hear mountain lions, black bear, puma, elk, and the like, and I am familiar with the sounds of these animals. My dog has chased without fear, or sense I should say, all of the animals above, and he has never cowered, even when he was charged by a bull elk during the rutting season, until that evening.

That was the quietest night that I had ever experienced there, not the usual dogs barking in the distance, but dead quiet, the only noise heard was the occasional crashing and breaking of wood, like something big was about in the woods.

I'm not saying what it was because I didn't see it, but to this day, in my mind I know what it was! 

This memory will be with me for the rest of my life.

-Name withheld by request.

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