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Siskiyou County, California 2006 Sighting...

During a trek into the Marble Mountain Wilderness in Northern California, I met a couple who were using metal detectors along what they described as parts of an old well worn stage coach trail. I was fascinated by the things they found in their travels and investing in a conversation with them brought out a vivid remembrance of a Bigfoot sighting, which they said occurred in 2006. After a long wait, here is their story:

Some years back, as we ventured into retirement years, our 5 sons decided to give us a hobby that would get us out of the house on weekends and in the sunshine. They bought their mother and I a pair of Bounty Hunter Time Ranger metal detectors. We started out metal detecting local parks and graduated more recently to old trails. There are trail maps available online. We were told by a gentleman in Happy camp one weekend about an old stage line that ran through parts of the forest that was still visible in certain places. We were not sure what might be found on such a trail, but we struck out anyway with intense curiosity.

The first day out, we found a rusted horse shoe and a gold pocket watch and after it was cleaned up, there was an inscription that read, "my beloved husband, 1811." What a find for old treasure hunters like us.

The excitement spurred us on through most of the second day and long hours of finding nothing until my wife's arm was shaking. That day we found a gold band, a very old rusted horseshoe; a spoon and metal parts that was probably used on the wheel rims of stage coaches, nobody seems to know what those metal pieces were.

Soon the end of the day was approaching and we were losing daylight. Still, we needed to walk miles back to the camper before dark. We started back to the R.V. at a snail's crawl working the opposite side of the old stagecoach line. My wife's arm was hurting; I was working both hers and mine; swinging both metal detectors down and over old wagon wheel ruts in the road. I fell behind Mary some yards, my head down working the MD's. Then it happened.

I heard Mary calling out my name. Finally I stopped, looked up and on down the road ahead of me to see what she wanted and there she stood pointing into the trees at this "thing" that was standing there.

My first instinct was "bear." Then instantly I was puzzled, it was standing upright looking directly at Mary -- the two of them not forty feet apart. I was shocked and taken back. It was quite large, well built and male, not tall as to be wildly unimaginable, just taller than me and I'm 6 foot.

Mary froze. This wild man looking "thing" was swaying from its left side to its right side. Mary pointed and managed to call out my name again and this "thing" answered her with a "ooo-ooo" that sounded like "who-who."

At that we were both completely startled; I sat both detectors down on the ground and yelled "don't move, Mary!" thinking it would go away, but it stood there swaying from side to side. There were parts of his body that had hair growing on it and he was unshaven, I will tell you it was quite a sight. His head seemed smaller than it should be for his size and his hair was lengthy and tucked back behind his large ears.

Mary called out "Bigfoot" and it finally registered in my head. I went back and picked up the MD's again turned them off and started to move rapidly toward my wife to protect her. The why and how hadn't occurred to me yet. When I got to Mary's side, I could see the wild man's frightened eyes, by God, the face was like any ordinary man's unshaved face but the rest of him was larger around than most men his size. He saw my metal detectors and kept looking down at them, like shifting his eyes from us to the metal detectors and then he took one step backwards into the shaded area where he was less visible. His hair was thick, long black and looked well groomed, you know, it was long tresses and one side was pulled back, tucked behind his ear. It was straight but the beard he had was curly. His face was young I would say, and his features distinct.

I'm sure the metal detectors looked like weapons, because he looked quite apprehensive and then this wild man turned and took one giant step towards the trees and was gone. I am sorry to say we never saw him again but at the time he departed, I was most relieved!!

We moved on down the road, not wanting to be out after dark and reached the RV, got inside and locked the door. We were both shook up some at what happened. Mary wrote down the details on her notebook and I sat across the table as she wrote, still trying to come to terms with what I had seen. Did I say that he wore no clothing?

What an unexpected thing to come across with a metal detector. We finally were able to laugh after dinner, but I thought we should leave that area. We haven't been back, but we heard that local stories of bigfoot are widespread in the Sixes River Forest.

This was all we could think of to tell in the story, nice meeting you. We are now with a metal detecting club scouring the shores in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. from here we will met up with other MDers in Ft. Myers. Mary has been very lucky finding jewelry, rings mostly and coins.

We heard the rains came in after we left your company, how did you fare? Good luck to you,


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