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Snohomish County, 1980
Silliquamish River, Washington

While fishing on the Stilliguamish River near Robe, Washington on September 5, 1980, I came upon a set of three large human-like tracks in the river sand. Two of these tracks were spaced side by side facing the river edge, while the third track was set five feet behind the others, behind a boulder.

A hillside sloping away from the river revealed slide marks which appeared to be made by the culprit as it walked to the river edge and apparently walked into the water. A search in subsequent days of both sides of the river found no more tracks in the area.

Rene Dahinden arrived at the scene one week later, and the tracks could still be seen, indicating very little human traffic in the area.

Newspaper articles about this find turned up more than ten additional people from the area who claimed they too had found similar tracks nearby in recent years, and one claimed to have seen the Sasquatch who made them.

This area of Washington State has a history of Sasquatch sighting and footprint finds, and some good audio tapes have been recorded in Snohomish County of supposed Sasquatch vocalizations.

Although these footprints do not prove the existence of a Sasquatch, the large amount of reported activity in the area by credible witnesses indicates that something strange is going on there.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum at Idaho State University has the only surviving cast from this occurrence and he concluded that it follows the pattern of other authentic casts in his collection. His report is included on my site.

I offer no opinion as to whether or not I believe Sasquatches are moving around in Snohomish County other than I can say that I've talked to some credible eyewitnesses who are convinced that these giant bipeds are real.

© Doug Trapp Irving, Texas
Filed originally October 10, 1999, updated March 27, 2005

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