Tracks at Shaver Lake,
Fresno County, California 1983

Shaver Lake Report filed February 1, 2013

My experience was about 30 years ago, approximately 1983. I was living in Shaver Lake at that point. One night, a friend and I went down to the lake right next to the hwy at the Point Restaurant on hwy 168. We came across mountain lion tracks that came to the lake edge and drank. It was a full moon and the ground was covered with snow. We followed the tracks across the highway, finding them again and followed up the ridge on the west side, traversing slightly to the right or northwest and then we happened upon the Bigfoot tracks.

They were very large and we had to jump to match the stride. You could tell from the heal strike it was walking, and to be fresh due to lack of deformation from snow melt. Following the tracks slightly downhill until the creature apparently saw the lights of the point area. It then continued northwest in an upward curve away from the point. Further up the slope by a tree it was joined by a juvenile, at the time, we assumed it told the young one to wait at that spot or was teaching it. We followed the tracks of both for what seemed like some distance; we never made it to the crest of the ridge before getting frightened of the thought at seeing them. We ended up in a dead run down the hill. It made a believer out of me to this day. I'm fascinated and know there up there. Jeff Morris

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