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Shasta County, Wildwood, California - 1960’s…

As promised another story from back in the early 1960s. We were logging near Wildwood Calif. one spring, a place that is well known for Bigfoot.

We had finished a hard day and stopped for a beer at the Wildwood Inn. There I was lucky enough to get into a conversation with an elderly local Native American. He had lived in the area all of his life; born in 1900 and now 66 years old he had a great deal of information about how the area had changed over the years. His name was Albert Hampton. After graduating from high school he became a taxidermist and had a very successful business. I’m not sure just how, but lucky for me, we began talking about Bigfoot.

Mr. Hampton told me a story the one you are reading now that I found interesting and funny. He said that late one night he was attending a dance at the Wildwood Inn. Now in your mind, picture the building, it was a one-story building with a sitting porch that ran all the way around it. Albert said the music was playing and many were dancing but he was standing chatting with friends. There were windows about every 4 feet along the front and side walls.

Albert just happened to glance out one of these just in time to see something or someone looking back at him from a lower crouched position. He and several other men walked outside to see what was going on. The Bigfoot stepped off the porch and walked north toward the woods, at the same time another man ran to his truck and returned with a 30.06 rifle which he fired only once. His aim was on and it was believed that the Bigfoot was hit; it let out a terrible scream and ran.

There was about 6-inches of snow on the ground; the Bigfoot left many tracks and a blood trail. The men decided to trail the beast and finish him off. After about 30 minutes the men gathered with guns and flashlights and began their trailing.

They followed the Old Bigfoot for several miles to a small stream of water an off shoot of the Trinity River but this is where they lost him. Albert said this creature was near 6-feet tall, hairy everywhere except the face, palms of its hands and bottom of its feet. It was a reddish brown, and smelled very bad, but that was the last time ole Bigfoot ever went to the dances around there.

Hope you all enjoyed the story as much as I did after hearing it…
Ben Foster
Williamsburg Indiana

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