Bigfoot Encounters

Witness sees bowlegged Bigfoot run along side her truck
Sharp County, Arkansas in the year 2000

Hello, I saw a bigfoot in Sharp County one rainy night coming home while driving my truck. I never have believed all this until I saw it that one night. Now I know they DO exist !!

The Sasquatch was covered with black hair all over it body; it ran across the county road, squatted down and when I got close to it, it made eye contact with me and then jumped up and ran beside my truck! I was concerned it would jump in my truck bed, but it didn't, instead it turned, veered off and left the roadside.

I know what I saw and I never believed the reports ‘til this happened to my daughter and me that rainy night. I lived in the country and the road where this happened was on my way home. I have taken that road many times, but that night it was different, for sure! I seen it and was not going to say anything but then my daughter said, “mom did you see that?” and I said yes I did, but I was not going to say anything. Nobody one wants to believe us, but I know what we saw; the big foot was short not tall , and he was bowlegged , but he did make eye contact with me as if he knew who I was and knew my truck.

I was not scarred and I know that things came around my place after dark, never did see anything of them thought except bear and possums and armadillos when I stepped out the door, but we know what we saw, this was in the yr 2000.

People think you are crazy, but we saw what we saw, it was 9 pm at night and we were bringing pizza home after we had made a pizza run and my daughter was only 15 yrs old at the time. She don't like to talk about it much it seemed to bother her more and she would not stay out there, but i stayed out in the country after that for years….this happened in the country ….down a country road in between Hardy and Ravenden, Arkansas and it happened only once one night.

Thanks for contacting me ok,

Saturday, May 05, 2007

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