Bigfoot Encounters

British Columbia, Sea Bird Island, The Fraser River filming, 1997

My sighting occurred while on holiday in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. I can't be too sure of the exact date, but think it was around the 8th or 9th or May in 1997.

I was travelling along the Trans Canada Highway from Vancouver to Banff. It was I believe around 11 am and the weather was a little damp and thick with cloudy mist, but visibility was good. I had read a lot about the subject of Bigfoot and was actually reading Thomas Steenburg's latest book "Sasquatch, Bigfoot", so this was actually one of the reasons I wanted to drive the journey, checking out various sites on the way.

I was around the area of the Fraser River. I think it was around Sea Bird Island. (I'm not 100% sure, but Thomas Steenburg and John Green know the exact site as they have visited it) I had taken a movie camera on holiday, and my partner at the time was trying to film me singing. Out of embarrassment, I turned to face the window. All of a sudden (it all happened very quickly as I was traveling along at around 60 mph) I saw a very large thing shoot out of the woods and it knelt down, and it looked to me as though it was gonna wash it's hands. Luckily I captured the latter part on film. (Well, my ex partner did) You can actually hear me shout in sheer excitement as this thing traveled at one Hell of a speed, the film was running for a couple of minutes previous so all this is captured. It's very hard to be exact, as my memory isn't that good over two years, but I still have no doubt what so ever, that what I saw was a Sasquatch. It looked very tall, and didn't have much of a neck at all. I know I wouldn't have reacted like that if it had been a man. I saw it very quickly, and it sent shivers down my spine.

The question I get asked a lot is "Why didn't you turn around?" But to be honest, it's so far to find a turning point and then try to park that it would have gone. Besides, I was still trying to come to terms with what I had witnessed. Other cars were passing so maybe someone else saw what I had seen. When I got back to the UK, I watched what I had witnessed, and it came out pretty well. I had looked up Tom Steenburg's phone number, while leaving on a flight to Los Angeles, so I called as soon as I had re run the footage. Since then we have exchanged numerous letters and phone calls regarding the subject. I have also sent him the original tape, which he has analyzed with other people in the subject.

In fact himself and John Green visited the sight where I had witnessed the incident. It has not been proven that it is a fake, and John Green actually believes that I've seen a Bigfoot. Tom, however is still a little unsure as the tape was taken a little to far away and as he's explained, it can't be blown up any further. I hope you enjoy my encounter, and it would be cool if someone would contact me, as I am very much into the subject. I've only just discovered your website, so that's why all this is a little late.

Regards Wayne J. Oliver "KEITH OLIVER"
3 Gooch Close
Frome, Somerset

England UK BA11 2XB

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