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Lewis County, Washington

Chehalis/Raymond region January 1, 2010
Rainbow Falls, - No sighting, terrible screams heard...

January 1, 2010

My wife and I belong to the same band together and on New Years Eve, we did a gig in Elma Washington.

We could not drink alcohol so we drank free Red Bull all night long. After the show we could not sleep so we drove through Raymond, WA and headed for Chehalis, Washington for no reason. We were just driving around and drove past Rainbow Falls and we were way out of the way of people and we pulled over to go to urinate off the side of the road. It was very dark in the spot we were in but I could hear some kind of water like sound, maybe a water fall of some sort.

My wife came running around to the side of the van where I was standing, just outside the door and jumped in the door and yelled, "lets go!" The reason was very scary to think about, even now. What we could hear was the worst screams that anyone could ever make. It was like a woman being murdered but and I stress this, if someone was asked to duplicate this scream, I don't believe a human could do it. It was so scary! It was no animal I have ever heard.

The screams were long and it would take a breath to begin screaming again and again without stopping. I wanted to help this person but I realized we could be in danger here so I drove a long way to the nearest store and called 911. A policeman arrived and I reported it he said maybe a coyote but I said no, and I think he thought I was crazy.

I said maybe a sasquatch.  We refused to go back there even though he did not ask us to. It was such a scary scream we had to force ourselves to not talk about it again because it was too scary to remember in my head. I did look up sasquatch screams and there was a guy with the same story from Dec. 26 that was just a few days before when we heard it. and there was a male scream I found that almost duplicated what we heard.

I do wish I could have seen it but as I said before at the time I had to think of my wife's safety first. I do believe now that that is what we heard and I don't know maybe it was warning us not to get too close. It was approximately 5:34am New Years Day when this occurred. I hope I will one day see a Sasquatch. I would never harm them in anyway.

"Russell Wilson"
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2010 01:24:43 -0700

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