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Remembrances from Butte County, Sawmill Canyon, Idaho
Terrifying Scream heard...


I've recently been reading many stories about Bigfoot sightings around the U.S. because I find it so very interesting that there a multiple accounts being shared so often. I wanted to share this experience my folks told me they had 7 years ago in 2002 up in the Psameri Mountain Range not too far southwest of Sawmill Canyon, Idaho.

They were camping at Dry Creek which is a nice area surrounded by trees at the base of the Psameri Mountains.

I remember going there more than a few times to hunt with my dad and brother when I was younger about 20 years ago and thinking about how barren, lonely, and cold the country looked. I have only seen 2 or 3 other hunters up there in all my time there. 

My parents were around the campfire towards the end of the day when the mix between day and night start to make it harder to see and you can hear nothing but the wind slowly rolling down from the mountains as things cool off. That's when they heard the high pitched scream from high up in the mountain somewhere. They claimed that the noise was very powerful and from far away and that it made the hair on the back of their necks stand up. Also, our dog Cinder got scared, started growling and whining and wanted to go in the camper more than anything else. My Dad said that he was acting like all dogs act when there is a predator around. 

Ill never forget the feeling I felt as my parents told me that story because I have been up remember being up there in that same spot wandering the area all alone where they heard the scream. 


On one of the hunting trips I went on about 20 years ago I remember going with my brother, dad, and 2 of his friends who I will not name. We were all on motorbikes riding up to Swagger Lake which is a glacial lake in the mountains not far from Dry Creek.

Early in the afternoon when we were higher up in the mountains near the lake one of my dad's friends started riding back down to his vehicle to go home. I asked my dad why he was leaving so soon. My dad said he would tell me later. When he did he recounted the tale that his friend had told him where one night while camping he was startled by a giant hairy gray man who in turn was startled by my dads friend. Ever since then he never camps in the wilderness after dark. I will not go into detail of the story as I have not seen my dad's friend in years and out of respect for him and his own personal experience. I will say, however, that I remember that I felt that whatever had happened when he was younger must have been a very real thing for him to never camp out at night in the woods after dark.

With all of the stories, some very similar, surfacing all the time I do believe there is something out there. It cannot all be coincidence. As to whether or not we as humans are ready for the answers as to what they are who can say.

I have spent much of my life in the mountains and deserts here in southern Idaho hearing stories of Bigfoot. I have never seen sign or proof of its existence yet wonder every time I go out if I am being watched.

Spencer Stears
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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