Saskatchewan, Canada 1998

Dated August 1, 1998 - Kingston Whig-Standard, Ontario, Canada:

Bigfoot prints draw curiosity seekers--Saskatchewan

The discovery of a footprint a third of a metre in length has members of a Saskatchewan reserve looking for signs of an elusive creature steeped in aboriginal legend.

Curiosity seekers point out that the tracks coincide with the disappearance of a dog and a bull on the Beardy's and Okemasis First Nation in northern Saskatchewan.

The prints were spotted July 26 by Janet Gamble, who was jogging near her home. Her husband and his brother videotaped the tracks after realizing how easily they could be washed away.

In an effort to determine the actual nature of the footprints, the Gambles contacted the RCMP, the University of Saskatchewan and reserve elders.

Since word of the mysterious visitor leaked out, the Gamble property has been overrun with curious people seeking a glimpse of the Bigfoot.

In a different newspaper (Globe and Mail) there was this article about salmon being sparse in rivers of the Yukon.

In an average year by this date, about 2,412 sockeye would have passed through the weir on the Klukshu River. So far, only 135 sockeye have been counted.

Does this mean that Bigfoot will become a little more agressive at finding a food source?

Source: Canadian Ray Gavel who posted it to the IVBC on August 1, 1998

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