Letter from Valentin Sapunov - St. Petersburg Russia
January 24, 2002

This year at minimum we shall work at ecological expedition this summer at boundary Leningrad-Vologda districts for restoration of Tichvin water system, collecting data on hidden animals too. If we receive supernumerary money - the program will be bigger.

Now I work with strange material. One painter - Nilolai Terechov -(former member of Soviet city of Petersburg) in 1995 saw Bigfoot at elevator of his home in Petersburg. There are 2 witnesses other. At last BF disappeared. This painter is well-known and normal man who doesn't use Vodka. He had no special information on Bigfoot, but all testimony is accorded to scientific data. I asked him to make a picture, copy will send. Considering this case, I decided:

1. Miracles are absent.
2. Bigfoot can't be in elevator.
3. Testimony is significant.

I think that explanation may be connected not with zoology, but with psychology. Image of wildman is coded in our brain as ultra understanding level. Trogloditofobia - terrible of BF is character of our intellect. This character is used in film production (e.g. King Kong) for images having effect on our psyche. Telepathy as variant of extrasensory perception is real despite the absence of theory about it. Suggestion as phenomena of psychic is real and much data suggest that wildman has such character of brain. We have this character of rudiment. I think that story like such with painter may be result of extrasensory contact between man and BF. I have data that at 1995 BF migrate close to Petersburg.

This case will be analyzed together with psychologists.
Best regards
Valentin Sapunov
St. Petersburg, Russia

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