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Los Angeles County, California
Santa Clarita Valley...

Back in August of 1974, Saugus resident Bob Curasi made a plaster of paris model of a Bigfoot track spotted locally. Curasi had been curious after a series of reported Sasquatch sightings in the Santa Clarita Valley, including one by a pair of boys staying at a remote hog farm up Lost Creek Canyon. Of course, the teens were ridiculed after perfectly describing a 9-foot-tall Bigfoot, adding that he had been wearing a blue bell.

But then, the boys' story was corroborated by a pair of young lovers who were parked up Plum Canyon and making out by the full moon. The young woman screamed when she opened her eyes in the front seat and saw a hairy face the shape of a bullet staring in through the windshield. The creature, she estimated, was between 9 and 10 feet tall. It ran away when she screamed.

Curasi went out to where the couple had been parked and that's where he found the bare footprint. However, it was only 10 inches long and 6 inches wide - unusually small for other reported Bigfoot tracks of creatures being reported as the same size.

Reported by John Boston of The Santa Clarita Valley Signal paper...

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